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Our heart beats for recycling

With our nationwide collection scheme, we collect packaging waste so it can be recycled into new raw material. We are working hard to increase recycling across the entire chain – from new, to used, to new again.

Our owners – recycling specialists

Non-profit ownership

We are owned by four materials companies – Svensk Plaståtervinning, Returkartong, Svensk GlasÅtervinning and Svenska Metallkretsen. They recycle the packaging that we collect in a sustainable manner.

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Work at FTI

A sustainable career

Become a part of FTI! We work to collect as many packages as possible so that they can be recycled and given new life. Visit our career page to apply for vacancies and join the journey towards a more circular society.

Summary of the year and a look into the future

Annual Review

Collection and recycling in figures


  • 9/10

    people living in Sweden recycle (The recycling Barometer 2021)

  • 72%

    of all packaging is recycled into new products (Recycling rate 2020)

  • 2,4

    million filled recycling bins (Collection rate 2021)

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