Annual Review

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2022 in brief

More and more is collected

During the last five years, FTI has collected 2,5 million tonnes of packaging. A considerable amount, where paper packaging shows the biggest increase during the same period, 28 percent. Plastic packaging has also increased, with 22%. In 2022, 530 000 tonnes was collected in total, the recycling containers was emptied 2,6 million times and the recycling stations were cleaned a little over 530 000 times.

Sought-after expertise

During the year, FTI has been invited to participate in several events. These often involve contributing with expertise and experience in matters related to sustainable packaging design in general, and recyclability and circularity in particular. Scanpack, Packmarknaden, Circular Plastic Summit, university lectures and Almedalen Week are some of the activities FTI has participated in.

Fewer complaints

Between 2021 och 2022, the number of consumer complaints fell with 30 percent. A clear result from our intense work with continuously raising the quality of the collection scheme.

Not long until the inauguration of the ultra-modern Site Zero

In 2022, Swedish Plastic Recycling (SPÅ) intensified its efforts to construct Site Zero, the ultra-modern recycling facility in Motala. The first stage of Site Zero is scheduled for completion in 2023, and upon completion the facility will have capacity to receive three times more types of plastic as today. Thereby it will be possible to recycle practicly all plastic packaging on the market.


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