FTI gives the Material World to new organisation

FTI has collected household packaging for recycling since 1994, when producer responsibility was introduced. In the summer om 2022, the government decided on a new packaging ordinance that, among other things, means that the Swedish municipalities takes over the collection of household packaging from the 1st of January 2024.

That means that FTI ceases with collection from January 1st 2024, and the company is liquidated. We want even more children to get the chance to get to know the materialites and learn about the importance of source-separation and to care for our nature’s resources. In light of these changes, we are now in search for a new organisation that can take on, manage and continue to actively develop the Material World. Is that perhaps you?

More information about The Material Word (in Swedish)

Get in touch with us at kommunikation@ftiab.se for further questions and please visit materialvarlden.se to learn more about it!