Närbild på student som håller en boktrave i famnen.

We at FTI receive many questions from students who are going to write essays or other work about source sorting. It is nice to see that there is so much interest in recycling packaging and we are happy to help with information.

Collected, easily accessible information

On the “School and student” page, we have added information that we see often requested by students. Here you will find, for example, information about the processes for recycling, information about the laws on which Sweden’s system for collection and recycling of packaging is based, as well as statistics. You can also read about different types of material that we collect – paper packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging.

Every year we do a survey on the Swedish people’s waste sorting and attitude to recycling; Återvinningsbarometern (The recycling barometer). You can also find information about this on the page.

You can also do a quiz with questions about recycling. How many correct answers you get?

Common questions and answers

We also have a page where we have collected common questions and answers, divided into different areas that we think can be useful for you who are doing schoolwork. Here you can, for example, read answers to the question of who decides how big the holes in the containers should be, how far or short the distance to a recycling station should be and why only packaging should be left at the recycling station.

Hope we can be of help in your school work. Good luck!