En bild på en förpackning där det syns återvinningsanvisningar.

Separate if possible

If you have packaging that consists of several different materials, separate what goes before you leave the packaging for recycling. Unscrew the lid and cork on, for example, the jam jar or the aquarium tube so that they too have the chance to be recycled! You sort the glass jar as glass packaging and the lid is placed in the container for metal packaging together with the tube. The plastic cork is sorted as plastic packaging.

Sort according to the material that the packaging consists of most

In cases where the types of material cannot be separated in a simple way, both materials can remain on the packaging. It could be, for example, the metal ring on the bottle of olive oil that remains when the metal cap is unscrewed, or the plastic part that remains on the paper milk or juice packaging when you unscrew the cap.

If it is not possible to separate the different materials in the packaging in a simple way, sort the packaging according to the dominant type of material, i.e. the material that the packaging consists of most by weight.

Read the packaging or use our sorting guide

Not sure how to sort? The packaging often contains information on how to sort, either in text or with pictograms. You can also use our sorting guide (in Swedish only).