En mobiltelefon, en bilnyckel och en plånbok ligger på ett vitt underlag.

We often receive calls from people about keys, jewellery, mobile phones and other things that have accidentally been taken down together with cans and cartons in the container at the recycling station. It is of course very sad for the person who happened to get rid of something.

We empty often

Unfortunately, there is little chance of getting back what has been dropped into a container at a recycling station. Among other things, it is about the fact that we empty so often, in many places around the country emptying takes place daily. When we receive the call about the wallet, watch, keys or other valuables, the risk is therefore high that the container has already been emptied and the contents have gone to a facility for baling for onward transport to a recycling facility.

Do not hold the keys in your hand when recycling

Therefore, try not to hold keys, mobile phone, wallet and the like in your hand when you recycle, but instead keep them at a safe distance in your pocket or purse. If you have rings that are loose or bracelets with clasps that get tangled, make sure that this is fixed to reduce the risk of losing them in other places as well.

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