Böcker stående på rad

Share the book with someone else

If the book is still in good condition, it is best to let it continue to be read. Maybe you have a friend who likes to read who you think would enjoy the book. Other options are if you may have a book exchange shelf at work or in the housing association, a bookcase in the housing area or perhaps some other place where books can be left for exchange. In that case, a tip is to leave the books there, maybe you will find a new book to read in the same vein. Otherwise, feel free to leave the books to a second-hand collection that takes care of books and sells them again so that they can have a new life at someone else’s home.

Recycle your book

Is the book in such bad condition that it is no longer readable? In that case, it is time to let it be recycled.

Paperbacks and other books with soft covers must be sorted like newspapers and can be left at the recycling station, in your environment room or another solution close to the property.

Books with hard covers, on the other hand, should not be sorted like newspapers, but left at the municipality’s staffed recycling centre.


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