Kvinna är på väg till återvinningsstationen med en kasse i handen

Our mission

We want as much packaging to be collected and recycled as possible. We are not profit-driven – we are driven by a conviction that Sweden can be best in the world at collection and recycling.

Our mission is to collect all packaging waste so it can be recycled into new raw material. We do this with our nationwide collection scheme.

What we want to achieve

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    That all packaging is sent for recycling

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    Improved recyclability

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    Reduced carbon emissions

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    More climate-smart packaging

By working together, we can be best in the world at recycling


  • Illustration av återvinningsbehållare


    recycling stations from Haparanda to Ystad

  • En bock en cirkel

    2 million

    households have curbside collection services

  • Illustration av sardinburk

    9 av 10

    packaging items end up in our scheme

"FTI is working on behalf of the producers to collect packaging for recycling when they have served their purpose. We do this in collaboration with municipalities, property owners and not in the least all Sweden's residents"

Helena Nylén


What we are doing

Here are some examples of how we are helping various groups to contribute to the Swedish government’s recycling targets.

Founded by the business community

Our history

The Swedish government introduced producer responsibility in 1994. It means that companies that place packaging on the market are also responsible for collecting the packaging for recycling. To meet this new requirement, the business community joined forces and formed materials companies, which subsequently formed the Packaging Collection Service (FTI).

How our operations are financed

FTI is a not-for-profit operation. The activities are financed by packaging fees from producer responsibility companies, funds from the paper industry and revenue from sales of collected and sorted material.

Terms of reference for our operations

Our operations are governed by the Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Packaging. An ordinance is a law that has been adopted by the government. We help companies comply with the ordinance which means, in simple terms, that we collect and send as much household packaging as possible for recycling.