Owners and Board of Directors

FTI is owned by four materials companies – Svensk Plaståtervinning, Returkartong, Svensk GlasÅtervinning and Svenska Metallkretsen.

The activities do not generate a profit, and no dividends are paid to the owners.

FTI’s relationship with the materials companies

Our business is based on producer responsibility for packaging. Producer responsibility means that any company that places packaging in the Swedish market is also responsible for ensuring that the packaging is collected and is recycled. The Swedish government introduced producer responsibility in 1994. To meet this new requirement, the business community joined forces and formed materials companies, which subsequently formed the Packaging Collection Service (FTI).

Our Board

FTI’s Board consists of representatives assigned by the owners of the materials companies.

  • Lars Påhlson – Chair
  • Peter Trimmel – CEO, Svenska Metallkretsen
  • Mattias Philipsson – CEO, Svensk Plaståtervinning
  • Magnus Andersson – CEO, Svensk Glasåtervinning
  • Ingrid Näsström – CEO, RK Returkartong
  • Cecilia Möller – employee representative, Akademikerna (trade union) FTI

About the materials companies

Flicka lämnar en pappersmugg i en återvinningsbehållare

Non-profit companies


Like FTI, none of the four materials companies generate a profit. No dividends are paid to the owners. The aim is to minimize the impact of collection and recycling-related expenses on the price of the goods.

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