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By working together, we are building a more sustainable society

We can help your company develop circular packaging and comply with your legal obligations as a producer. We do this with innovative solutions and knowledge, and by monitoring regulatory requirements.

We offer:

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    Packaging traceability

Logotyp till Näringslivets Producentansvar

FTI's expertise is transferred to Näringslivets Producentansvar

Changes for 2024

The new regulation on producer responsibility for packaging places new and higher demands on producers, with the aim of achieving a higher degree of material recycling. In order to meet the development, FTI’s operations and expertise regarding producer responsibility will be transferred to the newly formed company Näringslivets Producentansvar. For producers who are currently affiliated to FTI, the goal is a smooth transition to Näringslivets Producentansvar.

Help with your producer responsibility obligations

Producer responsibility obligations

All companies that place packaging on the Swedish market are obligated packaging producers. That means that your company has a statutory obligation to keep track of certain things. We can help you.

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Customer portal

Kvinna lämnar förpackningar vid återvinningsstation

What FTI does

What we do

Our assignment is to help Sweden recycle more. We are not profit-driven – we are driven by a conviction that Sweden can be the best recycling country in the world. We train and inspire consumers to recycle more, help companies and municipalities become more sustainable, and support property owners who want to make it easier for tenants to separate their waste.

Sort your packaging waste

Drop-off packaging

If you run a café, restaurant, store, office, construction company or any other type of business, you are responsible for your waste and for sorting your used packaging.

Entreprenör tömmer behållare på återvinningsstation

All of the contractors who help us are everyday heroes

CC contractors

Our collection scheme is dependent on all of the professional contractors who help us to collect, transport and process your packaging. The recycling stations also have to be kept clean and tidy.

Återvinningsstation med blomma i förgrunden

How recycling works

When packaging is recyclable, milk cartons, shampoo bottles, sardine cans and bottles are given a new lease of life. Your company plays a key role.

The recycling journey

Frequently asked questions