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Cleaning, emptying bins and clearing snow – these logistics are the lifeblood of FTI’s operations. Together with our contractors, we are laying the foundation for a well-functioning collection and recycling scheme.

Our operations depend on a collection scheme that enables consumers to recycle their packaging wherever they live in Sweden – from Ystad in the south to Haparanda in the north. The materials must be collected, transported and processed. And the recycling stations have to be kept clean and tidy. We place high demands on everyone we work with, because our contractors represent FTI.

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Curbside collection

Curbside collection (CC) is a service contracted by municipalities for people who live in houses, or by property owners or tenant-owners associations for people who live in apartments. Our contractors ensure that the collected packaging is driven to a recycling facility in a sustainable manner.

Kvinna som lägger en glasburk i en återvinningsbehållare för ofärgade glasförpackningar


Label recycling bins

Order stickers, free of charge, for labeling collection bins for plastic, paper, glass and metal packaging. That will help recyclers sort their packaging correctly.

Översiktsbild på en återvinningsstation i ett bostadsområde

Recycling stations

Find a recycling station

Some contractors empty bins and transport packaging to recycling facilities, others clean the recycling stations. All contractors are equally important for making it easy and convenient for consumers to send their packaging for recycling. When we need a new contractor, we launch a procurement process.

Training, quality and environmental impact

Our emptying and cleaning contractors play an incredibly important role in our operations. We want you to feel like a part of the family. We place high demands on you because you represent FTI in key parts of the chain. We therefore do the following:

  • Offer some training in safety procedures and arrange seminars on relevant topics
  • Follow up fuel consumption and other environmental impacts
  • Check the quality of the material when unloading and reloading to see whether there is an impact somewhere along the chain



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