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If you run a café, restaurant, store, office, construction company or any other type of business, you are responsible for your waste and for sending all of your used packaging for recycling. Tips and tricks to make recycling easy.

“Paper will be paper and metal will always be metal.”

Leif Persson,


Four ways to find us


1. Search for your nearest drop-off point

It’s free of charge to leave your company’s used paper, plastic and metal packaging at one of FTI’s drop-off points. You can drop off up to one cubic meter of each type of material each time. However, these drop-off points are only for packaging waste.

Quality requirements

Quality requirements for paper, plastic and metal packaging dropped off for recycling:

  • The packaging must be sorted into clean fractions of paper, plastic, or metal
  • The packaging must be properly emptied and dry. It does not have to be clean.
  • Place your packaging loose in the bin, not in sacks or bags.

Find your nearest drop-off point

Find your nearest drop-off point Start by choosing your county.
FTI has drop-off points in all Sweden’s municipalities. Can’t find your municipality in the map below? Contact us on 08-566 144 00, and we’ll help you!

For information about the nearest drop-off point for glass packaging and bottles, contact Svensk Glasåtervinning (in Swedish only)

For information about drop-off points for newspapers/waste paper, contact your municipality.


2. Check with your municipality about the rules that apply

Were you planning to drop off your empty and sorted packaging at the nearest recycling center? Check with the municipality where you run your business about the rules that apply. Sometimes you can drop off a small amount for a small cost, other times it’s free.


3. Speak to your property owner

Do you run your business from a permanent structure? Did you speak to your property owner about waste management when you signed the lease? Otherwise, it could be worth checking whether you can find some other type of arrangement. If not, ask your waste management contractor for tips.


4. Hire an authorized contractor

If you already have a contractor for food waste, ask whether they can also collect your paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging. Otherwise, you can search for an authorized waste management contractor via recycla.se – an online marketplace that can connect you with a local contractor free of charge.

Recycla.se (in Swedish only)

What about the recycling station around the corner?

Recycling stations are not for companies – only households are permitted to drop off their packaging at Swedish recycling stations.

Remember …

❚ …if you run a business, you are also responsible for your waste and have a legal obligation to sort it. Quite simply, you have to know what type of waste you produce.

❚ …to empty your packaging properly, and tip it out of any sacks or bags before you send it for recycling.

❚ … if you have really large amounts of packaging waste, look into whether it can be collected. Ask for quotes from authorized contractors.

❚ … try to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Is there anything that can be re-used?

❚ …that only households are permitted to drop off their packaging at Sweden’s recycling stations.

Sort smart – tips and tricks

Always check with your waste collection contractor (if you have one) and ask them how they want the materials sorted.

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