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A sustainable future starts today

By working together, we can reduce the environmental impact of packaging. We can help you with the circular journey of your packaging and to comply with your legal obligations as a producer. Does that sound interesting? We’d be happy to tell you more.

Your company will be greener with our support

We know about recycling

  • 28 years

    That’s how long FTI has been working with recycling

  • 314 years

    The combined experience of our experts

  • 9/10

    Is the share of collected packaging that FTI handles collected packaging in Sweden that FTI handles

We help you meet your responsibilities

Producer responsibility

Producer responsibility regulations, regulatory requirements and reporting to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Complicated for most people. Easy for us. We can help you.

The circular journey of your packaging

With our help, you can give your packaging a new lease on life and help minimize waste.

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    Climate-smart and innovative packaging design

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    Clearer marking on packaging

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    Lower environmental impact due to more recycling

FTI treats everyone equally

Recycling should be equal. That’s why all companies pay the same fees for their packaging and all of our agreements are transparent. We don’t specify the number of hours for free advice for the same reason – we give you the help you need.

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    Personal contact

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    Always free advice

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    Transparent agreements

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    Fair pricing

"FTI welcomes dialogue and is active in lecturing and informing about guidelines - new and old."

Karin Karlsson

Packaging Developer, Foodmark

Collaboration with the recycling app Bower

We want all our customers’ packaging to have a chance to be recycled. We collaborate with the recycling app Bower and as a customer of FTI you get a discount when you connect your company to the app. Being visible in the app is a prerequisite for the consumer to be able to scan your packaging and drop it off at our recycling stations.

Are you connected to us and interested in the app?
Contact your customer manager to find out more.

Are you interested in becoming a customer of FTI?
Feel free to register your interest and we will contact you.

Innovative solutions for better recycling

We already offer the market’s best packaging traceability and lowest carbon footprint for recycling. But that’s not enough. Research and development leads to new technologies for better recycling and we often participate in various research and development projects.

We also share knowledge with our customers by offering:

  • Personal advice
  • Training, workshops and seminars
  • Access to the latest technology


Did you know…

… that you can test the recyclability of your plastic packaging by sending it to us, if you are affiliated with FTI?

Whole chain traceability

Companies that are affiliated with us can follow their material along the entire chain. We follow the life of the material after consumers have dropped it in a recycling bin.

Kvinna står i studio


There are many recycling experts at FTI. We would like to share this expertise with obligated packaging producers by hosting webinars on various topics.

Framsida av magasinet Cirkulärt

Circular - A magazine about producer responsibility


Follow a packaging life cycle through interviews and reports, statistics and tables, information and inspiration. You meet some of FTI’s own experts, but above all we look to both the present and the future, where researchers as well as consumers and producers have had a say. You can read about this and a lot of other things in Circular.

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