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Packaging design

Design determines whether the packaging can be recycled. We can guide you through the design process with advice, smart tips, design manuals and training courses. You can also have your plastic packaging tested to see how recyclable it is.

"With the packaging manuals that are available, we have had a very good basis when we developed new packaging for our products."

Katarina Holmberg

Planering & avrop, MAGNIHILL AB

Your choices are important

It should be possible to recycle packaging over and over again. To ensure this, the choices that are made when new packaging is produced must account for the methods used by the recycling facilities. Moreover, the material selected should also be in demand in the recycled materials market.

The choices made in the design process – materials, adhesives, print and so forth – have a major impact on whether the packaging can be converted into new packaging. We can help you improve the recyclability of your packaging.

Packaging manuals

We have created packaging manuals for each type of material: plastic, paper, metal and glass. They are filled with concrete advice on how to produce recyclable packaging. The manuals can help you make even smarter choices when choosing packaging materials. You can download them free of charge.

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Contact us

We can guide you through all stages of the design process. Contact us for personal advice about how you can make your packaging easier to recycle.

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Training courses


FTI arranges regular seminars and training courses together with the materials companies, the EPA and other stakeholders. We can also arrange a workshop for your company.

Maskin i testlabbet

Test your packaging

The Test Lab

If you are affiliated with us, you can send in your plastic packaging for testing with the same technology used by Svensk Plaståtervinning’s sorting facility in Motala. That is how we are working together to create the conditions for recycling all plastic packaging from Swedish households and create circular plastic flows – with zero environmental impact.

Kvinna och barn källsorterar på en återvinningsstation

Label your packaging


Clear labels on packaging make it easier for consumers to sort correctly.

We are driving progress


By monitoring innovation and new technology trends, we are constantly finding better ways to give new life to packaging. We are driving progress by participating in research projects and lobbying policy makers.

Order packaging manuals

Our packaging manuals are free and available in both Swedish and English. Fill out the form and we will send links to the manuals you are interested in.

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