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Producer responsibility obligations

If your company brings packaging into the Swedish market, you are an obligated packaging producer and must ensure that the packaging is collected and recycled. Producer responsibility is a statutory obligation.

If you are affiliated with FTI, you are complying with your obligation to collect your packaging materials. If you are an obligated packaging producer, we can tell you what you need to do, how we can help, and answer any other important questions.

90 %

of all packaging in Sweden is collected by FTI.

“FTI is an extended arm for us to ensure the possibility of recycling of used packaging.”

Maria Wiland,
Business Developer, Zekler Safety AB

About the producer responsibility for packaging


Why producer responsibility?

The basic idea of producer responsibility is to minimize packaging waste, and to ensure that any waste that does occur is recycled and used to make new products. FTI handles 90 percent of all collected packaging in Sweden.


Who is obligated?

Your company has producer responsibility if you:

  • Fill or otherwise use a package (to protect, present or facilitate the handling and transport of an item)
  • Bring a packaged item to Sweden
  • Manufacture a package in Sweden (service packaging)
  • Bring a package to Sweden (service packaging)
  • From a country other than Sweden, sell a packaged product or a package to an end user in Sweden (this definition takes effect from 1 January 2023)


Do you export to other countries?

You are not required to report packaging that is exported to other countries (both within and outside the EU).


What are your obligations?

  • Collect and recycle

    You must ensure that the packaging is collected, removed, recycled or re-used in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Report to the EPA

    Every year, you are required to report the amount of packaging you have placed on the market, and how the collected volumes were handled, to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That also applies to composite packaging, i.e. packaging made from two or more different materials.

  • Pay a fee to the EPA

    You are required to pay an annual supervisory fee to the EPA.

How we can help you comply with your legal obligations as a producer

FTI has existed since the Swedish Regulation on Producer Responsibility for Packaging was introduced. We can provide the support you need. Our nationwide collection scheme for your packaging complies with your legal obligations as a producer. We collect plastic, paper, metal and glass.

How we can help you:

  • check

    We collect your packaging and transport it to a recycling facility

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    We can provide assistance and support for reporting packaging volumes, as well as other matters

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    We can help you report to the EPA

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    Innovative packaging design and climate-smart choices help you recycle more

We also do the following:

  • Increase recycling rates with innovative solutions and knowledge
  • Ensure that recycling results are reported to the EPA every year
  • Help to achieve the Swedish government’s recycling targets
  • issues related to producer responsibility together with our owners, government agencies, industry and stakeholder associations
  • Consult with all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities on the collection scheme


How much does it cost?

Recycling should be equal. Agreements should be transparent and fair. That’s why all producers who are affiliated with us pay the same amount for their packaging. No secret agreements or fees. You pay (ex VAT):

  • Annual fee of SEK 1,500
  • Packaging fees based on the amount of packaging you place on the market

Minimum total amount per company (annual fee + packaging fees): SEK 2,000 per year

Packaging fees

What applies for service packaging

To avoid a situation where all stores, catering services, restaurants, pizzerias, hot dog stands, pastry shops, laundries, banks, offices, growers, berry pickers, egg producers, etc. must become affiliated with us because they provide point-of-sale packaging, FTI charges a fee for those players who produce or import their actual packaging.

Complicated? Don’t worry, we can help you.

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