Sex olika förpackningsdekaler


Print stickers here to label your collection bins for paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging.

You can also order stickers in size 20×20, maximum 20 of each type. When you order, we want you to state your address, if it concerns marking or sorting stickers, and the number of stickers of each type. Contact us via email to order:

Are you an entrepreneur and need to order from our other range of stickers? Please get in touch with us.

Print on paper

1. Click the image you want to print
2. A PDF will open in your browser window
3. Press the print button


Swedish stickers with symbols

Dekal för pappersförpackningar Dekal för plastförpackningar Dekal för metallförpackningar Dekal för tidningar Dekal för ofärgade glasförpackningar Dekal för färgade glasförpackningar

Swedish stickers with sorting instructions

Sorteringsdekal för pappersförpackningar Sorteringsdekal för plastförpackningar Sorteringsdekal för metallförpackningar Sorteringsdekal för tidningar Sorteringsdekal för ofärgade glasförpackningar Sorteringsdekal för färgade glasförpackningar


Information about the labels

The illustrations and colors on the stickers have been created by the Swedish Waste Management Association together with its sister organizations in Norway and Denmark, and with input from FTI and packaging producers. The stickers are part of a joint Nordic labeling system for all waste fractions. The Swedish Waste Management Association has also created labels for other types of waste, such as food waste.

Bin and sticker manual

Download our bin and sticker manual here with instructions for placing the stickers on bins.

Bin and sticker manual (Swedish)