Everyone wins when you recycle

Every time you recycle a milk carton, shampoo bottle, glass jar or bottle cap, you are contributing to a more sustainable Sweden.

By working together, we can be the best in the world at recycling


  • 96 %

    people living in Sweden recycle (The Recycling Barometer 2022)

  • 53 kg

    of packaging per person is sorted in FTI:s collection scheme (Collection statistics 2021)

  • 20 %

    find it more convenient to throw everything in the household rubbish (The Recycling Barometer 2022)

Gatubild av en återvinningsstation

How recycling works

When you separate your packaging, you are giving milk cartons, shampoo bottles, sardine cans and glass bottles a new lease of life. Join the recycling process from a new to a recycled packaging!

The recycling journey
Flicka och kvinna återvinner glasförpackningar

What FTI does

What we do

Our mission is to help Sweden recycle more. We are not profit-driven – we are driven by the climate gain and are convinced that Sweden can be the best in the world at recycling.

Deep dive into the recycling process

How it works

Learn how paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging are recycled.

Recycle for a healthier planet

Climate gains

  • No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

    You sort your packaging and we collect it. If everyone lends a hand, things can really happen.

  • For a circular future

    From new to used to new again. We make sure the packaging you sort is used to make new packaging and products.

  • Conserve our natural resources

    By recycling packaging, we don’t need to use as many trees, oil or other finite resources.

Illustration av Materialisarna i en luftballong

Have fun with the Materialites

The Material World

There is a hungry gang living in the recycling bins that eats different types of packaging. The Materialites teach young children all about recycling.

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