Everyone wins when you recycle

Every time you recycle a milk carton, shampoo bottle, glass jar or bottle cap, you are contributing to a more sustainable Sweden.

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By working together, we can be the best in the world at recycling


  • 91 %

    think it is important to recycle their packaging (The Recycling Barometer 2023)

  • 50 kg

    of packaging per person is sorted in FTI:s collection scheme (Collection statistics 2022)

  • 76 %

    recycle to protect the environment (The Recycling Barometer 2023)

Återvinningsstation med blomma i förgrunden

How recycling works

When you separate your packaging, you are giving milk cartons, shampoo bottles, sardine cans and glass bottles a new lease of life. Join the recycling process from a new to a recycled packaging!

The recycling journey
En kvinna vid en återvinningsstation under vintern

Are you a recycling expert?


Deep dive into the recycling process

How it works

Learn how paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging are recycled.

Recycle for a healthier planet

Climate gains

  • No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

    You sort your packaging and we collect it. If everyone lends a hand, things can really happen.

  • For a circular future

    From new to used to new again. We make sure the packaging you sort is used to make new packaging and products.

  • Conserve our natural resources

    By recycling packaging, we don’t need to use as many trees, oil or other finite resources.

Illustration av Materialisarna i en luftballong

Have fun with the Materialites

The Material World

There is a hungry gang living in the recycling bins that eats different types of packaging. The Materialites teach young children all about recycling.

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