Flicka som är på väg till återvinning

Recycle for a healthier planet

We all share an important task: to make the planet a better place today and tomorrow. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Your part is to recycle your packaging waste. That might not sound like much, but it’s very important. Our part is to collect your packaging so it can be re-used.

Climate gains

  • Reduced energy consumption

    Producing an aluminum package from recycled metal requires 95 percent less energy compared to producing new aluminum.

  • Less emissions

    Emissions decrease when more packaging is left for recycling, instead of being incinerated.

  • Less need for new fossil raw material

    When recycled raw material is used for new packaging, the large amount of energy needed to extract fossil raw material is also saved.

Did you know that…

  • Steel, aluminum and glass are infinitely recyclable materials
  • Paper fibers can be recycled around seven times
  • If everyone recycled their bottle caps, it would be enough to build 3,400 new car bodies every year
  • If all of the glass packaging collected in Sweden in one year was placed in a row, it would stretch all the way around the earth
  • Source-sorted and recycled plastic packaging cuts the climate footprint in half, compared to throwing it in the garbage bag, where it goes to incineration

We are good at recycling

Our work

  • 9/10

    people in Sweden recycle their packaging

  • 94 %

    of all glass in the market is recycled

  • 6-7

    is the number of trips through the recycling process that paper fibers can survive

More progress is needed

We are consuming more and more, and shopping more online. The more goods we buy, the more packaging. More precisely, about 430 kg per person per year. That’s why we all need to pitch in to make sure that the  packaging is sorted, collected and recycled.

We want to be best in the world – together

The climate change threat means that we all need to be even better at taking care of our planet. Every item of packaging that you recycle makes a difference.

And what will FTI do then? We will do our utmost to:

  • inform everyone what they can do and how
  • simplify, lower thresholds and reinforce behaviors
  • inspire, encourage and confirm that the collection scheme is working
  • improve the collection scheme by contributing to research and development

We help consumers, companies, property owners and municipalities so that we can all work together to be best in the world at recycling.

All recyclers out there play a key role in the big picture. Because when everyone lends a hand, that is when things really happen. Your trash can become someone else’s treasure. Sweden and this whole planet will be a better place to live.

Everyone wins when you recycle!

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