Multi-material packaging

If your packaging contains more than one type of material, the basic rule is to sort it by the material that weighs the most.

You shouldn’t need a tool to separate materials. If they can’t be separated easily, you can leave the materials on the packaging. For example, you don’t have to remove the metal band from the metal screw-top caps on glass bottles. You can also leave the plastic part that sits on milk cartons with a screw cap when you remove the cap.

A milk, juice or yogurt carton with a layer of plastic or aluminum on the inside should be sorted as paper packaging. The layer will be separated in the recycling process.

A blister pack is usually sorted as plastic packaging. The heaviest material is plastic – the aluminum is just a thin layer. Some blister packs may also be metal. If you crumple the pack and it springs back into shape, it should be sorted as plastic packaging. Otherwise sort it as metal packaging.


Not sure how to sort?

The sorting guide

Do you want to know how to sort your multi-material packaging? Let our sorting guide help you!