En hög med tidningar och returpapper

Newspapers and waste paper

Separate your newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogs, flyers, brochures, printer paper, drawing paper and paperback books. But throw envelopes and Post-it Notes in your household waste, or sort them as combustible waste.

From 2022, Sweden’s municipalities are responsible for collecting newspapers and recycled paper.

Did you know...

…that carbon emissions are reduced by about 1.4 kilo for every kilo of newspapers that we recycle. The energy required for paper production is much lower when waste paper fibers are used, compared with fibers from freshly harvested trees. 

How to do it

Tips & Trix

Remove and sort the plastic wrapping around newspapers and fliers as plastic packaging.

You do not have to remove the staples, spirals or similar from newspapers or drawing pads. These are separated by magnets and sent to metal recycling.

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