Paper packaging

Pasta and cereal boxes, drink cartons, sugar packets, paper carrier bags and corrugated boxes are sorted as paper packaging. But throw envelopes and Post-it Notes in your waste bin.

Did you know…

…that paper fibers can be recycled at least seven times? Making packaging from recycled paper fibers also requires 40 percent less energy than packaging made from virgin fibers. Sorting and sending your paper packaging for recycling makes a huge difference for the environment.

Händer viker ihop ett tillplattat mjölkpaket

How to do it

Tips & trix

Sort milk or juice cartons with a plastic screw cap as paper packaging. Unscrew the cap and place it in the bin for plastic packaging. You do not need to remove the plastic part that is attached to the carton. It will be separated from the paper in the recycling process.

Hand som plattar till en papperskartong

Save space

Tips & Trix

Fold and flatten the paper packaging so it takes up less space. You can also place smaller items inside larger items. An empty milk carton holds at least five folded cartons. If you flatten the cardboard boxes, you won’t have to empty your waste so often. We also avoid unnecessary transportation if our trucks don’t need to empty the bins so often – or transport air.

How recycling works

Have you ever wondered what happens to your paper packaging after you leave it for recycling? Take a look inside the recycling facility!


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