Sorting Guide

Not sure how to sort nail varnish, caviar tubes or butter tubs? Search for common types of packaging and products in our Sorting Guide.

The sorting guide search function is only available in Swedish.

Sorting leaflet in other languages

Mobiltelefon som skannar en förpackning i Bower-appen

Scan and recycle your packaging

Sorting information in the Bower app

All packaging that have a barcode can be recycled with the Bower app! You simply scan the barcode on the packaging and receive information on how it should be sorted. In addition, you’ll also receive a reward in the form of points or money when you bring your packaging to the recycling station.

To increase the collection of household packaging, FTI and Bower have started a collaboration that aims to reward consumers for recycling and to connect consumers and producers around sustainable packaging.

How to sort waste that isn’t packaging

Other waste

We take care of your packaging, but there are many other types of waste. Find out how food, batteries, light sources and other types of waste should be sorted.

How to do it

1. Empty

  • The packaging should be completely empty.
  • It doesn’t have to be clean.

Packaging that is not empty can attract pests and start to smell. Unemptied packaging can also affect the recycling process.


2. Separate

  • If your packaging contains more than one type of material, you should separate them if possible.
  • A glass jar with a metal lid is easy to take apart, but the pump in a spray can might be difficult to remove. Leave it there.
  • If your packaging contains different types of material that can’t be separated, sort them by the material that weighs the most.


3. Make recycling easier

  • Fold and flatten paper packaging and place smaller items inside larger items. Then they take up less space and the trucks won’t have to empty the bins so often.
  • Bend any sharp lids down, and preferably flatten them inside the can.
  • Make sure that spray cans/bottles are completely empty.


4. Sort correctly

  • Don’t throw anything in the packaging collection bins that isn’t packaging.
  • Use the Sorting Guide to help you place the packaging in the right bins


Large packaging

How to use the slots when you are dropping off large packaging:

The slots are designed according to Boverket’s guidelines. The measurements have been set to stop people from getting into the bins and injuring themselves

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