En man och en kvinna har picknick på ett berg i skärgårdsmiljö

Become a more sustainable municipality

We collaborate with Sweden’s 290 municipalities around planning and development of the packaging collection scheme. If you are a municipal employee or work for a municipal company, we can help you with the following:

  •  Practical assistance for establishing a recycling station
  •  Information for municipal residents
  •  News about collection
  •  Keeping track of regulatory requirements
  •  Training

Municipal Portal

Support for your work

Återvinningstation sett från sidan

Find recycling stations and request information about cleaning and emptying

Find a recycling station

Find support for establishing a recycling station here.

Build a recycling station

Stay up-to-date with the latest in recycling


Två barn går med påsar till återvinningsstation

Help municipal residents

Information material

Use our information to encourage more residents and companies to recycle.

How much has your municipality collected?


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