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Amendments to the ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Packaging

Our operations are based on the Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Packaging. In June 2022, the government presented a new ordinance on producer responsibility for packaging. According to the new ordinance, the municipalities must be responsible for collecting packaging waste from 1 January 2024 and provide curbside collection for paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging from 2027.

Why a new ordinance?

The purpose of the new ordinance

  • To increase the recycling of packaging, and to reduce the amount of packaging and packaging waste.
  • To ensure that packaging waste is taken care of in an environmentally and health-friendly manner.
  • In the ordinance, there are also defined goals for material recycling rates up to and beyond the year 2030, as well as new goals linked to, among other things, reuse and reduced littering, as well as the amount of recycled plastic in packaging.
Logotyp till Näringslivets Producentansvar

New company formed to meet the producer responsibility of the future

Näringslivets Producentansvar

Against the background of the new packaging ordinance, a new company has been formed – Näringslivets Producentansvar. The company continues to build on the expertise found within Förpackningsinsamlingen, FTI and is the company that applied to become an approved producer responsibility organization.

FTI’s current operations will be phased out when collection responsibility passes to the municipalities on 1 January 2024.

What does the new ordinance mean for you as a municipality, producer, contractor or property owner?

For FTI as a company, and for our various stakeholder groups, the new packaging ordinance will mean major changes. FTI is entering an intensive phase, where we will continue to ensure that the existing collection system continues to function well, at the same time as we plan for a transfer of collection responsibility to the municipalities. Below we list some of the areas we work with.