Glasförpackningar i olika färger

Glass packaging

Separate glass bottles and jars and send them for recycling. Colored and clear glass containers are sorted separately.

Did you know...

…by sending your glass packaging for recycling, you are saving both natural resources and energy. Making new glass from melted recycled glass requires 20 percent less energy than making glass from virgin materials. In addition, glass production from recycled glass reduces carbon emissions. Glass packaging is infinitely recyclable and can be used to make new bottles and jars.

How to do it

Tips & Trix

Remove corks and lids made from other materials. You don’t have to remove the metal band around the neck of the bottle from the screw cap. The bottlenecks are separated, and the metal bands are recycled separately.

The glass is not mixed when it is collected

Recycling myth

The trucks that pick up glass packaging have two compartments on their platforms, one for colored glass and one for clear. It’s difficult to see, which is why it’s a common misconception that all of the glass is mixed.

How recycling works

Have you ever wondered what happens to your glass packaging after you leave it for recycling? Take a look inside the recycling facility!


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