Olika metallförpackningar

Metal packaging

Send all metal packaging for recycling: tin cans, spray cans, tubes, bottle caps, lids and aluminum trays. Even small items, such as bottle caps, lids and crème fraîche seals.

Your old tin cans are used to make new cans, rebars or engine parts. Nothing is too small to be recycled, not even a bottle cap.

Did you know...

…that when you separate your metal packaging, you are playing a key role in ensuring a circular material flow. Metal packaging is infinitely recyclable without any loss in purity or quality.

How to do it

Tips & Trix

Squeeze out as much as you can from the metal tube. Then place the tube in the metal packaging bin and the plastic screw cap in the plastic packaging bin.

If they are completely empty, spray cans should be placed in the metal packaging bin. If you can’t hear a sound when you hold the spray button down, the can is empty. Cans that are not empty should be dropped off at a staffed municipal recycling center and sorted as hazardous waste.

Chips test – test your potato chip bag

Tips & Trix

Is your potato chip bag (or similar) made from plastic or metal? If you are unsure, crumple it into a ball. If it springs back into shape, it should be sorted as plastic packaging. Otherwise, sort it as metal packaging.

How recycling works

Have you ever wondered what happens to your metal packaging after you leave it for recycling? Take a look inside the recycling facility!


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