Plastic packaging

Plastic containers, tubes and bottles should obviously be sorted as plastic packaging, but other packaging can be trickier.

Potato chip bags and styrofoam should also be sorted as plastic packaging, but toys, laundry baskets and other items that are not packaging should be sorted as bulky waste.

Did you know...

… that a used and recycled plastic packaging reduces the environmental impact by half, compared to packaging that is incinerated along with other household waste? 

Man lägger en plastförpackning i sitt återvinningskärl

How to do it

Tips & Trix

Only leave plastic packaging (cans, tubes, lids and bottles) to the recycling station or recycling room. They are transported to a recycling facility that only recycles plastic packaging. Leave other plastic objects, such as toys, furniture or laundry baskets, to the municipalitys manned recycling central.

The bigger the sorting, the bigger the climate gain

The more plastic packaging you sort, which is then recycled, the bigger the reduction in emissions from incineration and the amount of fossil resources needed when manufacturing new plastic. You used packaging can instead become a new product or package – over and over again.

Chips test – test your potato chip bag

Tips & Trix

Is your potato chip bag (or similar) made from plastic or metal? If you are unsure, crumple it into a ball. If it springs back into shape it should be sorted as plastic packaging. Otherwise, sort it as metal packaging.

How recycling works

Have you ever wondered what happens to your plastic packaging after you leave it for recycling? Take a look inside Svensk Plaståtervinnings recycling facility in Motala!


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