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If you are doing a school project on recycling, we’ve compiled some links and information for you here.

Kvinna som lägger en metallburk i återvinningsbehållaren för metallförpackningar

Recycling and climate gains

To achieve the Swedish government’s recycling targets, everyone needs to help – consumers, municipalities, companies and government agencies.

Hand som lämnar en pappersförpackning i återvinningsbehållaren under köksbänken

Sorting and materials

Sorting guide

Do you know how to sort the different types of packaging? Search in the Sorting Guide and read about the various materials.

Information about the materials we collect

Paper packaging

Plastic packaging

Metal packaging

Glass packaging


Tömning av behållare


See how much packaging we collect and the percentage of packaging placed on the market by our producers that is recycled.

Laws and ordinances

The Swedish packaging recycling scheme is based on EU directives (regulations). The Swedish government has created ordinances (laws) that govern recycling in Sweden. They must be followed by consumers, companies and municipalities, as well as FTI.

Relevant legislation for recycling:

  • All companies that place packaging on the Swedish market are responsible for ensuring that the packaging is collected for recycling. This is called “producer responsibility.”
  • Companies are responsible for recycling the packaging they use for their own activities.
  • FTI helps companies meet their obligations by collecting and recycling their packaging.
  • Consumers have a legal obligation to sort and send their packaging for recycling.

About producer responsibility

Terms of reference for our operations

The Waste Management Ordinance (consumer responsibility) (in Swedish only)

The Environmental Code (governs the Waste Management Ordinance) (in Swedish only)

What Swedes think about recycling

The Recycling Barometer

Every year, we conduct a survey of Swedish sorting habits and views on recycling.

About FTI

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    Our mission is to collect household packaging and ensure that as much as possible is recycled.

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    We are owned by four materials companies: Returkartong, Svensk Plaståtervinning, Metallkretsen and Svensk GlasÅtervinning

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    We are not profit-driven and do not distribute profits to our owners

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    We collect about 90 percent of all packaging collected in Sweden.

Bild på vår folder "Från nytt till använt till nytt igen - Så funkar återvinning"

Easily accessible information to print

Brochure on recycling

In our brochure “Från nytt till använt till nytt igen – Så funkar återvinning” you can read in a simple and concise way about what we at FTI do, how packaging recycling works and a little about its climate benefits. The brochure is available in a print-friendly format. It is in Swedish only.

Interviews and visits

Many people are interested in recycling. However, we are unable to grant interviews or arrange visits to our recycling facilities. That’s why we’ve created this page to help you with your school project.

Frequently asked questions