Kvinna med förpackingar i famnen, vid återvinningsstation

Property owners

We collect and take care of your property’s packaging.

  •  Curbside collections for tenants
  •  More packaging is sorted when collection is provided
  •  We subsidize some of the cost
  •  We recycle the packaging in an environmentally sound manner
Återvinningsstation med blomma i förgrunden

How recycling works

When tenants sort their packaging, they are giving milk cartons, shampoo bottles, sardine cans and glass bottles a new lease of life. See how recycling works and how property owners and tenant-owner associations play a key role.

The recycling journey

Fakta om fastighetsnära insamling

  • 86%

    think recycling is easier with curbside collections

  • 40%

    of Swedish households have curbside collection services

Ett flerfamiljshus med träd framför

Newsletter for property owners and tenant-owner associations

A few times a year, we publish a newsletter about Curbside Collection for tenant-owner associations and property owners. Read our latest newletters (in Swedish only).

Juni 2022: Förpackningsförordningen, Sortera mera, Ny webb

Mars 2022: Remissvar inskickat, Nytt namn

Oktober 2021: Förpackningsförordningen, Samverkansprojekt Miljörummet

Curbside collection for houses

House, terraced house and vacation home

Some municipalities provide curbside collection for houses, terraced houses and vacation homes. The Swedish government’s target is that all municipalities will provide curbside collection services within the next five years. Contact your municipality for information.

Frequently asked questions